Rules for Hunting at Door County Land Trust Preserves

  • Prior to the hunt, hunters are requested to contact the Land Trust by completing the Hunter Information Form on our website.
  • Use of Door County Land Trust Preserves is a privilege extended to all legally-permitted hunters who abide by the rules and regulations of the WI-DNR and the Door County Land Trust. Failure to do so may result in loss of hunting privilege and if warranted, referral to the WI-DNR and/or Door County Sheriff for possible enforcement action.
  • Portable hunting stands and structures (including trail cameras) are permitted for day use only and must be removed each night. All stands and structures must contain ownership information (name, address and phone number). If a stand or other structure is left overnight it will be dismantled and removed by staff or preserve stewards.
  • The following activities are not allowed:
    • cutting trees or vegetation or removing brush from properties
    • baiting
    • motorized vehicles of any kind
  • Hunters must respect adjacent private property. If a hunter needs to follow a wounded animal onto
    private lands, prior permission must be obtained from the landowner.
  • Dogs actively engaged in hunting may be off leash, except that all dogs must be kept on leash from
    April 15 to July 31 to protect ground-nesting birds.
  • Hunters are asked to help “keep an eye” on things when hunting and to inform the Land Trust if there
    are any activities taking place on the property of which we should be aware.


Door County Land Trust Preserves at which Hunting is Permitted

Click on a preserve name below to view or print a map showing areas open to hunting for that preserve in Adobe PDF format.


The tracts listed below are open to hunting, however, please be aware that they are relatively small in size and located in remote areas.  To locate a taxparcel number on a web map, please visit the Door County Land Information Portal.


Hunting is Not Permitted at the Following Door County Land Trust Preserves

The preserves listed below are not open for any hunting seasons. These areas may be guided by a management agreement that does not permit hunting, or they may be too small in size, located in residential neighborhoods, or too ecologically sensitive for off-trail foot traffic.

Boo’s Bluff Natural Area

Erskine Woods Natural Area

Dammon-Welcker Natural Area

Griffin Woods Natural Area

Haswell Natural Area

Indian Point Natural Area

Washington Harbor Scenic Overlook

Please contact us at with any questions or for more information about hunting or trapping at Door County Land Trust preserves.

Visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WI-DNR) website to find out the dates of this year’s hunting seasons.

To locate a tax parcel number on a web map, please visit the Door County Land Information Portal.

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