stock gifts

Transferring Stock Shares to Door County Land Trust

It is very important to contact Door County Land Trust by phone at (920)746-1027, or by email at [email protected], to notify us of your gift after your transfer has been initiated. We will need to know the number of shares, the name of the stock, and the purpose of the gift. We need this information to properly acknowledge your gift as the electronic transfer system does not include a notification of who the transfer is from.

Instruct your broker to transfer your shares from your account to Door County Land Trust.

DTC Routing Number: 0164 (Charles Schwab and Co, Inc)

To Account Number: 6509-8144 (Door County Land Trust)

Federal Tax ID Number: 39-1561423

Sample Instruction Letter:

Please transfer ________ shares of _____________________ stock to the benefit of Door County Land Trust’s account at Charles Schwab (DTC # 0164) to the credit of account number 6509-8144.