Peace and Beauty at Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach

For years, when our children were little, Pebble Beach was a port of call when we sailed our little family sailboat around Little Sister Bay. We would look forward to having a picnic on the beach. I remember wearing old tennis shoes to walk over the rocks from the sailboat. There was always peace and…

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Memories from Julie Christiansen


The Aleda (Ah-lee-da) was my great grandfather, J.O. Lindem’s boat. I think that he built it. The original homestead down near the beach was – I think – J.O.’s brother’s home and blacksmith shop – but I’m not sure about that. The ownership around that time is a little murky and the dates were “off”…

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Summers on the Southwest Point of Little Sister Bay


Our family has spent summers on the point on the SW side of Little Sister Bay since 1915 when my grandfather bought our property from a fisherman’s widow. The fisherman was named John Larson (buried in Little Sister cemetery). John’s fish house is still along the shore and can be seen in the attached aerial…

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