Land Trust Adds Newly Protected Property Within Gibraltar-Ephraim Swamp 

The value of property is often summed up in the words “location, location, location”.  That saying holds true for the ecological value of the location of Door County Land Trust’s recent land purchase within Gibraltar-Ephraim Swamp Natural Area. The land is prized for its proximity to a migratory bird route and its coastal wetlands. “Gibraltar-Ephraim…

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Camp Cuesta: Protecting Land, Preserving Tradition

Local Girl Scout Troop Co-leaders Sarah Martin and Anna Knapp call Camp Cuesta, a Girl Scout camp in Baileys Harbor, their “happy place,” a place to take in the calm and wonder of nature. This feeling is deeply rooted in the Door County community, through decades of Girl Scouting and an appreciation of the ecological…

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Successful Bird Migration: Timing IS Everything


  The success of each year’s spring migration comes down to timing—and climate change is tampering with the clock.     Climate change is having a direct effect on the availability of food sources (predominantly insects) from the beginning to the end of the migration route. This nourishment is necessary to fuel the flight of…

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New Property Protects Nature and Memories at Three Springs

Image of forest at edge of Ingid Lawrenz's property which is recently purchased by Door County Land Trust.

Many times when land transfers from private ownership to the Door County Land Trust more than the land itself is exchanged. For Ingrid Nelson Lawrenz, the Sister Bay property she recently sold to the Land Trust holds memories of a lifetime spent indulging in the joys of the wild places just outside her girlhood home. …

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Shoreline Property Becomes Land Trust Conservation Easement 

The Schmitz conservation easement. Kay McKinley photo Shoreline property on the bay of Green Bay owned by Michael Schmitz, of Ellison Bay, was recently protected by a conservation easement with Door County Land Trust. The agreement ensures that the four-acre property, which includes 589 feet of rocky shoreline, will remain undeveloped forever. The easement’s size…

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Oak Bluff Natural Area: Land Protection by the Bay 

  Door County Land Trust’s portfolio of protected properties includes a variety of ecologically sensitive lands protected for the plant and animal inhabitants. The latest land protection project, completed on December 6, 2023, is a perfect example of why some lands are best protected for wildlife.  When it comes to the Land Trust’s recent creation…

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Hibbard Creek: Extending an Important Wildlife Corridor

Hibbard Creek. Photo by Julie Schartner   The recent purchase of 77 acres near the Hibbard Creek Natural Area aligns with the Land Trust’s goal to extend protection in wildlife corridors that provide for movement across the landscape. These corridors are crucial for the survival of animal species as they provide new home territories for…

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Southern Door Ecological Gem to Become 15th Land Trust Preserve

An exceptionally scenic and ecologically significant 75 acres in the Town of Clay Banks has recently been added to Door County Land Trust’s roster of protected properties. The former dairy farm features a half-mile of Bear Creek that flows into Lake Michigan that supports coldwater fish. Within its eye-catching landscape of open fields, wetlands, native…

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Kellner Fen Natural Area Addition Expands Land Protection

Sandhill Crane

Sand Hill Cranes are one of many species that will be protected on the new acreage. The success of Door County Land Trust’s (DCLT) most recent land purchase is the direct result of the generosity of the Fischer family. The new addition of 63 acres extends the protection of water quality and wildlife surrounding the…

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Fond du Lac has returned!

Fond du Lac has returned!   Fond du Lac, the snowy owl who visited Door County in 2020, has returned after an absence of 18 months! Fond du Lac, a fourth-year female, was trapped and tagged by Project SNOWstorm on Feb. 23, 2020, near Waupun, WI. She was fitted with a cell phone transmitter that…

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Happy Earth Day!

calendar & coloring page!

In celebration of the 50th Earth Day, enjoy these scientific, fun, and free downloads for you! Simply enter your email to download the Door County coloring pages and phenology calendar for April & May.

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Finding Sanctuary at Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Nature Preserve

  “We are very privileged to have this outdoor space to safely go to,” says photographer Miora Rajaonary. “It is more than a playground. It has become our sanctuary, an invitation for us to look closer and longer and contemplate.” Video from Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal, by Jim Perry.

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Intrigued by Heins Creek


I’ve always been intrigued by Heins Creek. From the babbling waters to the rippled sandy bottom and crystal clear waters, it is just beautiful. And it’s teeming with life! Birds flit in and out of the waters on the edge of the stream. If you stand still enough, you’ll see fish of all sizes moving…

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Golden-crowned kinglets, Spring Peepers, and Wood Frogs – Oh My!

Tom Clay and I spent a beautiful “signs of spring” morning at Three Springs Nature Preserve.  This is a perfect time to visit, there are so many spring activities taking place, from birds migrating overhead, to northern pike in Three Springs Pond visible from deck if you are lucky (I was). We saw lots of …

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