Fond du Lac has returned!

Fond du Lac has returned!   Fond du Lac, the snowy owl who visited Door County in 2020, has returned after an absence of 18 months! Fond du Lac, a fourth-year female, was trapped and tagged by Project SNOWstorm on Feb. 23, 2020, near Waupun, WI. She was fitted with a cell phone transmitter that…

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Happy Earth Day!

calendar & coloring page!

In celebration of the 50th Earth Day, enjoy these scientific, fun, and free downloads for you! Simply enter your email to download the Door County coloring pages and phenology calendar for April & May.

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Finding Sanctuary at Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Nature Preserve

  “We are very privileged to have this outdoor space to safely go to,” says photographer Miora Rajaonary. “It is more than a playground. It has become our sanctuary, an invitation for us to look closer and longer and contemplate.” Video from Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal, by Jim Perry.

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Intrigued by Heins Creek


I’ve always been intrigued by Heins Creek. From the babbling waters to the rippled sandy bottom and crystal clear waters, it is just beautiful. And it’s teeming with life! Birds flit in and out of the waters on the edge of the stream. If you stand still enough, you’ll see fish of all sizes moving…

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Golden-crowned kinglets, Spring Peepers, and Wood Frogs – Oh My!

Tom Clay and I spent a beautiful “signs of spring” morning at Three Springs Nature Preserve.  This is a perfect time to visit, there are so many spring activities taking place, from birds migrating overhead, to northern pike in Three Springs Pond visible from deck if you are lucky (I was). We saw lots of …

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