Golden-crowned kinglets, Spring Peepers, and Wood Frogs – Oh My!

Tom Clay and I spent a beautiful “signs of spring” morning at Three Springs Nature Preserve.  This is a perfect time to visit, there are so many spring activities taking place, from birds migrating overhead, to northern pike in Three Springs Pond visible from deck if you are lucky (I was). We saw lots of  songbirds in the trees along trails,and listened to frogs calling from vernal wetlands…

Here are some of the incredible wildlife we were treated to and are happy to share with everyone!

  • Northern Pike up in the pond, actively feeding.
  • So. Many. Birds! – Bald Eagle, chickadees, nuthatches, Golden-crowned kinglets, Turkey vultures riding thermals (spirals of hot air that waft off land), large hawks migrating over us, Sandhill cranes calling and flying over, turkeys calling, Ruffed grouse drumming, Canada geese in vernal wetlands landing and honking (possibly nesting)
  • Wood frogs and a few spring peepers calling from vernal wetlands in forest on outer trail (trail very wet, need water proof boots right now) but great time to visit

Tom, am I missing anything? Great to have a lovely morning at Three Spring Nature Preserve – Terrie Cooper

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