Newly Protected! 17 Acres Adjacent to Bay Shore Blufflands Nature Preserve

Conservation Easements Protect
Homes for The Wildest Things

Short-tailed weasel by Nancy Aten

Short-tailed weasel at Aten-Collins Conservation Easement. Photo by Nancy Aten

Visionary landowners Nancy Aten and Dan Collins completed the donation of a 17-acre conservation easement to the Door County Land Trust this fall. The property, located near the 274-acre Bay Shore Blufflands Nature Preserve, adds to a complex of ecologically rich lands where several rare and threatened species have been identified. Waters from agricultural lands to the east are filtered through wetlands on the property before draining into the bay of Green Bay, resulting in cleaner freshwater and shoreline habitat.
Dan and Nancy pass their passion for nature on to the next generation as they share their knowledge and their land with grad students and grade-school students, visiting conservationists and backyard naturalists.

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American bittern   American bittern

The elusive American bittern at Aten-Collins Conservation Easement. Photo by Dan Collins April 1, 2017

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