The White Cliff Nature Preserve is located near downtown Egg Harbor. The preserve features a unique wetland complex, mature forest, Niagara Escarpment, and a scenic stretch along bucolic White Cliff Road. The centerpiece of the preserve is a 30-acre fen fed by alkaline-rich groundwater that passes through the dolomitic limestone. Although the fen area is dominated by sedges and reeds, an impressive number of other plant species are present in the preserve, including such uncommon ones as swamp milkweed, common bog grass, yellow lady’s slipper, marsh marigold, small-flowered gerardia, Kalm’s lobelia, swamp goldenrod, and northern bog aster. An upland forest composed primarily of white cedar, hemlock, red oak, big toothed aspen, American beech, and sugar maple surrounds the fen.

The White Cliff Nature Preserve was once part of the large landholdings of a man named Ferdinand Hotz. In the early 1900s, the wealthy jeweler from Chicago owned more land than any other landowner in Door County, including all of what is now Newport State Park, much of the orchard and bluff lands near Fish Creek and the White Cliff Preserve neighborhood. The acreage that constitutes White Cliff Nature Preserve remains much the same as the day Ferdinand Hotz first laid eyes on it over 100 years ago.