Two Gifts of Land Donated to Door County Land Trust

Donated land at Indian Point, photo by Julie Schartner

Two Gifts of Land Donated to Door County Land Trust

Washington Island, WI— In this season of giving, Door County Land Trust is thrilled to announce that two gifts of land on Washington Island are now permanently protected. The permanent conservation of these lands ensures that forests remain intact, that wildlife move freely across the landscape, and that these lands contribute to healthy waters.

The larger of the two land donations, a 62-acre property located in the northeast portion of the island, lies near the Indian Point Natural Area. The second land donation, a 10-acre forested property, is located on the northwest side of the island and adjoins Door County Land Trust’s Little Lake Nature Preserve.
Executive Director Tom Clay remarked, “It is an honor to work with landowners to carry forward their vision of permanently protecting their land and we are grateful for their generosity. Protecting island habitat like this is a powerful benefit for migratory birds and enhances Door County’s unique biodiversity.”

Donated land near Little Lake, photo by Julie Schartner

The donated land at Indian Point will be named to honor Sigwald Jacobsen. It consists of a northern hardwood forest of red maple, as well as some boreal tree species such as balsam fir and white spruce. Located about a half-mile from the shoreline, migratory birds and wildlife are attracted to the area’s diverse forest habitat. Door County Land Trust is working to protect a large, forested area that enhances the ability of wildlife to move freely across land. With its proximity to other nearby protected land, this donation helps create a wildlife corridor.

Near the Little Lake Nature Preserve, the newly donated property primarily contains a maple and beech forest with a cobble ridge. The property offers ideal habitat for spring ephemeral flowers, migratory and nesting birds, birds of prey, and other wildlife.

With the acceptance of these two land donations, Door County Land Trust now protects just over 8,800 acres, which is equivalent to the combined acreage of Door County’s five state parks.

Funding from Door County Land Trust members and individual donors funds the expenses associated with accepting the land donations. Door County Land Trust is currently raising donations from members and the community which will be placed in the land trust’s Stewardship Endowment Fund for the long-term care of the two properties.

Land protection projects like this require strong, local land conservation organizations like Door County Land Trust. In partnership with the community, Door County Land Trust can assist in protecting the most ecologically and culturally significant landscapes on the Door Peninsula and islands.

Door County Land Trust seeks support from the community to enable future land protection projects that benefit both the people and wildlife of the peninsula. Whether you hunt, fish, hike or enjoy a walk with your family, Door County Land Trust is here to protect the lands and waters you love. Join the effort to protect Door County by donating at 

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Thank you for your continued support! Members like you make conservation of Door County’s exceptional lands and waters possible. Thanks to you, Door County Land Trust remains steadfast in the effort to protect and nurture the lands and waters that make the Door Peninsula, its islands and surrounding waters so extraordinary.

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