Door Peninsula Coastal Wetlands BioBlitz

Door Peninsula Coastal Wetlands BioBlitz

June 18- 21, 2019

We’re doing an ecological inventory of our natural wetlands treasures—and we need your help. Become a citizen scientist for a day!

It’s called a BioBlitz—a community science activity for people of all ages and experience.  Discover and document the variety of species found at the Three Springs Nature Preserve. We will focus on various facets of Door County’s wetland ecosystem from birds and bats and butterflies to reptiles, insects, mammals and other flora and fauna. Join small teams headed by professional and volunteer experts and fan out across the preserve to observe, investigate and record various aspects of your study subject. Conservation partners are working together to study the Door Peninsula Coastal Wetlands–one of 38 sites designated in the US by the Ramsar Convention of Wetlands of International Importance.

A BioBlitz has its roots in the Amazon Rainforest when scientists tried to inventory and learn as much as possible about natural communities that were in danger. Now you become the explorer!


Partners: UW-Cofrin Center for Biodiversity, Friends of Toft Point, The Ridges Sanctuary, and Urban Ecology Center.

Stay tuned for more information

and exciting updates!

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